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The Scenic Rim - Just an hour's easy drive from Brisbane!

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This search facility allows you to search Scenic Rim Tourism's listings.

Enter up to 3 words or phrases to search for (phrases are specific combinations of words eg. rose farm).

The title, descriptive text and the address for each listing will be searched.

All listings that contain any of the words or phrases will be returned.

The search is not case sensitive.

Note that singular and plural are seen as different words so, for example, enter both view and views to make sure all descriptions of an outlook are matched.

Example: You are interested in what's available in Kalbar so you enter kalbar in box one.

Example: You are interested in where you might get a cup of coffee so you enter coffee in box one.

Example: You are interested in finding an art gallery or two so you enter art in box one and gallery in box two. Alternatively you could search for the phrase art gallery by entering that phrase in box one to be more precise.

Example: You are interested in anything to do with wine so you enter wine in box one, winery in box two and wineries in box three so that listings with any of the three words appearing will be returned.


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